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Apex Legends

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Battle Royale trends will still last for quite a long time. One of the newest and most trending battle royal games nowadays is Apex Legends from Respawn and Electronic Arts. This battle royale game got a record because it became the only game that was successfully played by more than 10 million players in three days.

Apex Legends Full Review

Apex Legends is a free battle Royale game made by Respawn Entertainment and Published by Electronic Arts. It’s available on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox. Apex Legends may have been in the shadow of Fortnite during its first month, but during February 2019 it pushed its way to become one of the best battle Royale games on pc.

Here are some of its best features.

1.There’s something for everyone

Auto rifles, semi-auto rifles, SMGs and LMGs are scattered everywhere on the map. And as any fan of PUBG would tell you, inventory management can be a headache but with Apex legend’s auto equip there’s no need to worry. You can also let it run on autopilot and it’ll choose the best weapon for you.

2.Getting back up

It really sucks to see a member of your team go down, but Apex Legend’s fast respawn system gives your team a second and a third chance to resurrect their fallen member. As long as one player survives and is able to revive others, your team can still get back to the battlefield.

3.Awesome characters

Apex legends game has various legendary characters each with his/her own unique abilities. With Bangalore you get smoke launchers, double time, and her ultimate ability - rolling thunder is one you do not want to miss. Bloodhound: The eye of the All-father is a tracker and a beast of the hunt. He is the character you pick when you need to clear out of an ambush. Caustic is Batman and the Punisher rolled into one character. He drops deadly gas canister that releases Nox gas when attacked by enemies, and then the Nox vision allows you to see through the gas. There are other cool characters such as Gibraltar, Mirage and Lifeline all with amazing abilities.


Apex Legend doesn't allow solo mode, and, therefore, is a great game for those who enjoy being on a team. Your squad also has a jumpmaster who decides when the whole team jumps and controls the flight path, but if you want you can split away when jumping and rendezvous with them later.

5.Great Communication system

Unlike most games where you have to say or type out stuff, Apex legend has introduced the revolutionary Ping system and the ping wheel has many cool functions. If you want your team member to follow a certain route, just ping on that location. Pinging twice in quick succession will let your team members know that there’s an enemy there.


1.Expensive cosmetics.

The amount needed to buy items is way too high. Some items may go up to $18.

2.Low visibility

You might want to invest heavily on armor because apex Legend game’s low visibility makes it hard to spot enemies due to so many background elements. So get prepared to get shot a few times out of nowhere until you get used to the game

You can download Apex Legends for pc on Origin, TechSpot or on EA’s official site.

Apex Legends

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